March 2021 .

Quino is a pointer, although of course, we don’t want his new family to use him for hunting. He was found abandoned by good people who were unable to find him a forever home and finally he has ended up with us here in the shelter. He’s a lovely sociable dog and he gets on well with the other dogs, sharing a kennel with Denver – another super friendly hunting dog.
Quino loves chasing balls and spends all his time playing and running around with his canine companions. But he can’t help looking over the wall to see if there are any rabbits to chase… Sorry Quino, your rabbit-chasing days are over.

Pointers need a good level of physical activity to release energy, but in our experience they then spend the rest of the day fast asleep. Could a dog like Quino fit into your family?

If you would like to adopt Quino, email: